Virginia Fishing Reports

Your Virginia Fishing Experience

Step into the world of fishing with Captain Buck Segar as he shares his insights and experiences in his post-trip fishing reports. Join Captain Buck as he recounts thrilling adventures on the waters of Reedville, VA, targeting prized catches like Striped Bass, Redfish, and Virginia Rockfish. Dive into detailed accounts of the day's successes and challenges, providing valuable information for fellow anglers. Captain Buck's reports offer a glimpse into the art and science of fishing, showcasing his knowledge and expertise. Stay updated on the latest fishing conditions, techniques, and hotspots through Captain Buck's firsthand observations. Whether you're planning your own fishing trip or simply curious about the fishing scene in Reedville, Captain Buck's reports are a must-read. Follow along and be inspired by the passion and dedication of Captain Buck Segar as he shares his love for fishing in Virginia.

We got these questions a lot. Does Virginia have good fishing? How long is fishing season in Virginia? Can you fish in Virginia without a license? Virginia offers excellent fishing opportunities with diverse species and scenic waterways. Fishing season lengths vary, but Get Hooked Charters operates throughout the season, ensuring you can fish during peak times. A fishing license is required for most anglers in Virginia, but Get Hooked Charters covers your license as part of their service.

Embark on a thrilling 6-hour fishing adventure with Get Hooked Charters, targeting prized catches like Striped Bass, Redfish, and Cobia, all for just $650. Your trip includes everything you need for a successful day on the water.

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